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The Nebula Plus computer tablet is the next generation of tablets for industry use. It comes with a curved edge touch glass. It has the most versatile application for rigorous and continuous public use of self service, corporate, healthcare, in-store interaction, and hospitality environments. The RFID, barcode reader, and camera can be attached to Nebula Plus to enhance your user experience.

The voice quality has been improved to avoid surround noise when using next-generation of voice control activations. 

Nebula Plus combines commercial-grade reliability with the powerful Hexacore processor, PCAP 10-touch display, Android 12.0, StarOS 10.2.1, and optional Power-over-Ethernet (POE) – all in a compact responsive all-in-one (AiO) computer.

Staros, our license free kiosk lockdown app, is inclusive with Nebula Plus.  Star Control, a secure platform, could be added as an option to remotely access the tablets for content and device management. 


Select a preferred configuration for the display before installing the product and setting it up for use.

CAUTION: Follow the installation instructions properly to avoid dropping and damaging the display.


NEB101 Configurations.png
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