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Star Control Device Management is a secure platform that provides visibility and allows management of your entire network of Android-powered tablets and kiosks from anywhere around the world. Star Control Device Management solution allows you to manage or remove the apps installed on devices, deploy content, monitor or configure the settings, and set up devices to reduce operating cost. Simply push your apps and responsive websites via the Star Control MDM Device Management Platform.


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Lockdown Device

Remotely turn selected device(s) into kiosk mode by locking down apps, web pages, videos, or photos.

Display Content

Create your own content delivery on photos and video slideshows.

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Remote Update

Add remote firmware update schedules on selected devices.

Manage Connected Device

Adjust device volumes, install or uninstall applications, change passwords, and view screen capture records.


Manage System and APK Files

Update files for STAROS and remove or upload APK files stored in cloud.

Manage accounts

Create or delete users, edit user details, or view status of users.

Set Schedules

Remotely initiate reboot or set startup and shutdown schedules on devices.


Creating a New Account

Creating New Account

When creating a new account and the email address has been used to register for an account before, you’ll be prompted to enter a new email address.

To create a new account, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. From the login page, click Sign up for free trial.


3. Enter the required details to create an account.

  • Company name

  • Title and Name of contact person

  • Contact email

  • Area code and Contact phone

  • CAPTCHA code

4. Select Sign up. An email confirmation will be sent to your email address.

5. Wait for the Star Control admin’s  approval or check with your product manager to confirm your account.

6. Click on the confirmation email link to activate your account.

Logging into an Account

To log into the app, follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. From the login page, enter your Email Address, Password, and the CAPTCHA code.

3. Select Sign In. The Dashboard is displayed.



Using the Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is where you can access Notifications, FAQs, Profile, and the Sidebar tabs.

Sidebar – allows you to access the main features and functions
Notification – displays all notifications
FAQ – provides troubleshooting tips or answers to frequently asked  questions
Profile – allows you to edit your profile information, view your activities, change password, or restrict login requests

Viewing Action Progress

The Action progress pop-up window that can be accessed from the lower-right corner of the screen provides status of the Star Control tasks you’ve recently performed and implemented.

Action Progress.PNG

Accessing the Sidebar

Use the Sidebar to access the different functions and features of the app. 
To access the sidebar from the dashboard, select the Star Control menu from the top-left of the header. To close the sidebar, click X.

  • Overview – view the dashboard to get a quick view of the device status.

  • Devices – register devices or manage connected devices.

  • Broadcast – create content to display on device or a setting bundle.

  • Library – view or upload media files, APK files, or firmware updates.

  • Super user – add staff account; assign device and permissions to manage the device.

  • Extensions – view plug-ins that are compatible with STAR CONTROL and STAROS.


The Dashboard provides you with a quick view of the current status of your devices, device activities, license status, network connections, cloud storage space, and system notifications. 

Using the dashboard, click on the quick links to perform the following tasks:
See all licenses – view the purchased licenses, expiry date, and other license-related information.
See expiring licenses – view the list of licenses which are expiring in 30 days.
Register device – register device using a PIN code or through admin login.
Device control – add device to groups or assign devices to staff. 
Manage groups – create groups for the devices and assign devices to each group.
Manage staff – create a new staff account, assign device to a staff, or edit device permissions. 
See all activities – view the staff activities or generate a report of activities for a specific period.
See all notifications – view all system and device notification.

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