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Vega X Intercom System secures premises and only allows approved personnel to access private areas of the building. Residents and authorized personnel can access the building using PIN codes, RFID keycards, or facial recognition. Areas or assets that need limited accessibility or require monitoring will benefit from installing a smart intercom system.

Using the Vega X Intercom System, one can seamlessly gain access to doors with convenience. The intercom system can operate any time of the day as a plug and play solution. 


Stable Calling.PNG

Stable video calling

Allows you to see who is at the door and to unlock the door from the inside using a Vega console.

No phone required.PNG

No phone wiring required

Eliminates the need for additional wiring with no phone wiring required, reducing installation costs. 

Micro USB updates

Updates firmware using Micro USB.

API third party integration

Allows third-party software integrations for customizations. Vega X runs in Android operating system with an open platform.

SIP/IP calling via POE

Supports SIP/IP calls. A single POE cable provides both data connection and power to devices such as wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones. 

Identify and track via RFID

Supports use of RFID keycards.

Functional gate control

Helps you monitor the traffic and keep a track of all people entering and exiting the property, providing entry records. Increases your property value and elevates your convenience level.

Tempered touch glass

Reduces glare, decreases fingerprint marks, provides matte finish, and requires little cleaning because of non-adhesive backing with zero sticky residue. The capacitive touch screen allows you to touch the screen while wearing gloves.


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