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Infinitus boasts impressive features such as 73% slimmer in frame bezel and 50% lighter than conventional LCD touch screens. By utilizing in-cell technology, the touch glass and LCD display are merged into a single layer display, resulting in a sleeker and lighter form factor. 

This innovative technology also delivers sharper and more vibrant colors, and greater visibility compared to the traditional LCD screens, which typically have multiple layers including an LCD panel, digitizer, and glass panel. As a result, INFINITUS eliminates the washed-out effect associated with viewing screen content through multiple layers.

The signage has high contrast ratio, 4K experience, anti-glare, and is compatible with Android and Windows Platform, making it perfect for endless aisles to museum interactive displays, patient displays, and self-ordering kiosks. 


Sleeker Design with More Visibility

3% thinner in bezel frame than traditional LCD Screen. 7.9 mm narrow bezel as compared to the traditional 29.5 mm bezel, providing more visual space, clarity of images and text on the screen, and sharper and more vibrant videos.

Better Clarity and 4K

Uses anti-glare manufacturing process, turning the display to a matte, non-reflective surface to increase display authenticity.
4K applicable to 43-inch only.

Low Blue Light

Filters excess blue light, flicker-free quality, and provides eye comfort experience.

High Dynamic Range Capture

Authentic display quality with 16.7 million colors as compared to traditional 260,000 colors. 
4K Quality 3840 x 2160 ultra-clear resolution, high-contrast, enhanced image quality layer provides clear and sharp image quality and precision.

25% More Color Space than Traditional sRGB

Apple developed the DCI-P3 variant for wide gamut displays, adding 25% more color space than traditional sRGB.

Flexibility with Installation

Can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientations, providing optimal flexibility for mounting to a wall or in a kiosk.




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